Comprehensive Aesthetic Diagnosis

Comprehensive Aesthetic Diagnosis


At Stone Oak Aesthetic Dentistry, we are not only interested in your overall oral health, but in the aesthetic appeal of your smile.

We are unique in that our Comprehensive Dental Exam typically includes a complete aesthetic diagnosis. This evaluation measures all of the parameters of a beautiful healthy smile and is the foundation for a successful treatment planning process.

Dr. Robbins, Beckel and Alvarez perform a Comprehensive Dental Exam on every new patient. Depending on the patient’s chief concerns and oral health, the doctors will perform the Comprehensive Aesthetic Diagnosis. This appointment require approximately one hour and should be scheduled with advanced notice.


The Comprehensive Dental Exam includes examination of the teeth, including color, wear, size, shape, and any existing restorations. Your doctor will then complete a Periodontal Exam, which assesses the health of supporting gum tissue and bone. An Occlusal Exam, or Bite Analysis, will be performed, along with a TMJ Exam (Jaw Joints). The doctors will then review any eating, sleeping and lifestyle habits that may contribute to the current condition of your teeth.

A vital part of the Comprehensive Exam is the Oral Cancer Screening. The screening will include an examination of the soft tissues of the mouth, throat and surrounding head and neck areas. Your doctor will be looking for lumps, swelling, discolorations, ulcerations, or any abnormalities. With this type of diagnostic screening, the doctors can sometimes spot early warning signs in the mouth that indicate problems elsewhere in the body.


During the Comprehensive Aesthetic Diagnosis the doctors will use a process known as Global Diagnosis to treat various aesthetic concerns. This evaluation includes measurements of the face, lips, teeth, gum tissue and bite function. Photos of the teeth, face and smile will be taken both inside and outside the mouth. Impressions of the mouth will also be made for study purposes.

Once your doctor has taken time to study the data he collected from your Comprehensive Dental Exam and Aesthetic Diagnosis, he will then meet with you to discuss and agree upon your customized treatment plan. Your treatment planning meeting will take place one-on-one in a private consultation office, where the doctor can explain each step and answer any questions you may have. Your treatment coordinator will then come in to discuss financial arrangements and schedule your appointments.

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