Insurance Guidelines

Many of our patients request our assistance in the filing of insurance claims. We are pleased to provide this service. We do however, request full payment on the day services are provided. We accept cash, check and all credit cards. Your insurance company will be instructed to send the reimbursement check directly to you, the insured. We have chosen not to be on any preferred provider insurance lists because we are unable to provide the quality of care you deserve using their fee schedules. We do not accept assignment of benefits. In other words, we do not accept partial payment for treatment and have the insurance reimbursement check sent to our office. The contract is between the patient and the insurance company, not between the dentist and the insurance company. For this reason, the insurance company is more responsive to the patient than to the treating dentist. Insurance payments directly to the patient are made much more promptly, generally 2-3 weeks. If the patient makes payment by credit card, the insurance check is commonly received by the patient prior to the credit card billing cycle.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance with these payment guidelines.