New Patient Dental Exam

New Patient Dental Exam

First, we want to thank you for considering our practice for your dental care. Dr. Alvarez, Dr. Beckel, and Dr. Robbins feel the new patient visit is extremely important, and as a team, we will strive to exceed your expectations.

After you have scheduled your appointment, we welcome you to complete the new patient forms online, or you can complete them at your appointment. When scheduling, please let us know if you have any recent dental records or x-rays we should collect prior to your visit.

Once you are checked in and the forms are complete, a member of our clinical team will guide you through the new patient experience. Dr. Robbins, Beckel and Alvarez take a personalized approach and will spend time getting to know you as an individual and discovering your dental desires and needs.

The comprehensive dental exam commonly includes an examination of your teeth, gums, jaw joints, and a cancer screening. Additionally, necessary x-rays, models of your mouth, and photographs will be taken. If you have aesthetic concerns, we will complete our unique Global Diagnosis examination. Our new patient examination generally takes one hour.

The final step in the new patient experience is the consultation appointment. Your doctor will sit with you and discuss his treatment recommendations. Together, you and the doctor will develop a final treatment plan.

To learn more about our Global Diagnosis exam, visit our Comprehensive Aesthetic Diagnosis page.

Again, we thank you for considering us for your dental treatment and hope to meet you soon! Please visit our contact page and call or email us if you would like to schedule a new patient dental exam, or if you have additional questions.


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