SOLT Kobonal Mission Fundraiser

As many of you in our patient family know, every other year, we have an office charity fundraiser. We choose a charity that speaks to our hearts, and give our patients and referral doctors an opportunity to participate in the fundraiser. In 2012 and 2014, we chose the Kobonal Mission in Haiti as our charity. Kobonal is the mission that our office team has visited for the past 5 years. Due to your amazing generosity, we have collected over $18,000 for the Haiti dental clinic. Your contributions have made a tremendous impact on the wonderful people that it serves. We now have 6 totally functioning dental units that allow us to provide many more dental restorations instead of extractions for our patients. However, our ultimate goal has always been to be able to provide the same level of care for our Haitian patients that we provide in our office in San Antonio.


The one area in our Haiti clinic that remains problematic is sterilization. We have rudimentary sterilization capabilities, but not to the level that we provide in San Antonio. So we have again chosen the dental clinic in Haiti for the 2016 campaign. Our primary goal is to purchase a state of the art sterilizer which will cost several thousand dollars. However, we have another vision to support our work in Haiti. Providing shoes for little growing feet is an ongoing problem in the third World. We recently became aware of an organization that created a very durable shoe that “grows” with the child through ingenious built-in adjustments. By American standards, these shoes are very inexpensive at $15. per pair. However, there are 1250 children in the mission school. So this becomes a very large number. It is our hope that we will collect enough money to buy our sterilizer and have a lot left over for shoes. Thank you for considering a financial gift to support our work in Haiti. If you prefer, you may designate that your contribution be used for the sterilizer or for the shoes. Your contributions are tax deductible and your check can be made to Cross Catholic Outreach.